You can work safer in the cloud

Our world has changed. We used to have better technology at work than at home, but today, most of us have better tools at home than we do at work. Today’s CIOs face this tension between their users’ desire for freedom and their organizations’ need for more security. But the cloud offers a solution. A good cloud provider lets you access your data from anywhere on any device in a secure manner.

Traditional environments cannot cope with the new speed, and this will expose you to new threats. In the cloud, we get security feedback instantly and can refine our protection in real time. Updates and security fixes are installed automatically, eliminating patches, scheduled downtime and server configuration.

Ultimately, the cloud is about providing you with technology so you don’t have to build it yourself, and providing you expertise so you don’t have to develop it yourself. And that’s how we approach security. At Google, more than 500 security engineers, including some of the world’s foremost experts, work around the clock to keep your data safe. Providing security has always been a balancing act between what is needed and what you can afford. We let you add more security in a way you can afford.

Graph showing cloud increases security and innovation

Google cloud secures your data

Google has control over the entire technology stack, starting with the data encrypted on the hard drive in our data center all the way to the operating system of the device you hold in your palm. We even have our own transoceanic fiber network connecting data centers around the world, which improves security and reliability.

Not only is our security built into how we store and communicate the data, but really, security is at every level of our system. We have built a series of defenses in the depth of our systems to create a maze for the intruder—advanced safeguards like 2-step verification, encryption and specialized servers to protect your data at every level. As a business customer, you only pay for the services used, but you benefit from Google’s entire security infrastructure and security experience. Because of our size and position we are faced with the most unique threats, from sharks attacking our undersea cables to governments trying to access our systems. We learn every day from these threats, and have built a unique expertise. We even engage the security research community to test our systems with a vulnerability reward program and an open source patch reward program.

Advanced safeguards like 2-step verification, encryption and specialized servers to protect your data at every level.

You can count on Google to protect your privacy

G Suite has a different approach to advertising. Google does not collect or use G Suite data for advertising purposes, and there are no ads in G Suite. We are not scanning any of your Gmail, Docs, Slides or Spreadsheets—or any data processes—on Google Cloud platform for advertising.

Google’s technology makes it very easy to do things in a secure way.

—Damon Rees, CIO, Woolworths

Beyond protecting your data with the best technology, we do everything that we can to protect your data from third-party requests. If for some reason a third-party wants to access your data, our policy is to notify you so you can determine how to respond. We scrutinize all requests to make sure they are valid, and offer no access to customer data without valid legal process or customer consent. When the law prevented us from being completely transparent, we challenged it. We recently won a case against FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court), which was unlawfully preventing us and other technology providers from sharing the number of requests we were receiving for access to customer data. In any case, because it’s your data, you should know what happens with it. We have been the first ones to publish the list of third-party requests we receive to inform the public about all requests by government agencies for user data.

We’re fighting for users from both sides. First, our systems are already among the most secure in the world—and our security experts are continually creating ways to make them even stronger. Second, we are pushing back against any unfair government requests for user data, and we are very active in helping reform these government surveillance processes.

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By going Google, we gained reliability and security compared to our prior configuration, which required extensive upkeep, upgrades and patches.

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