Running a business is hard enough without technology getting in your way. G Suite is built on the idea that tools for business should make things easier, not more complicated, so people can get more done in less time with less hassle. With cloud technology, you can set the pace of your company’s growth without having to worry about your IT falling behind. If your old systems are slowing you down, here are five ways you can simplify your business and help it grow:

1. Spend less, do more

Why invest in an expensive and complex system when simple, efficient tools are all you really need? G Suite’ straightforward $5 or $10 per-user per-month pricing gives you access to e-mail, file storage and sharing, video conferencing, calendars, docs and more. You pay as you grow and and there’s no hardware to purchase or software to update.

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2. Make teamwork more productive

Your best work doesn’t always happen sitting at a desk. With G Suite, coworkers can connect and share ideas whenever and wherever they are. Team up with colleagues, suppliers or customers in real time on docs, spreadsheets and presentations. Meet face to face in different time zones through video chats. Everyone’s files are automatically updated and stored in the cloud, so you always have the latest version and a clear change history.

3. Say goodbye to upgrades and downtime

Waiting around for emails or the latest software update wastes precious time and money. G Suite is built on the same secure infrastructure that runs Google and delivers Gmail and other services to hundreds of millions of users. With 99.978% availability and no scheduled downtime, you don’t have to worry about hardware failure, system crashes, or even natural disasters.

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4. Work from the conference, the corner cafe, or the plane

Your people may have favorite devices, but we don’t. G Suite works with all of them. So everyone in your company can edit docs, check email, and update calendars from their laptop, tablet and smartphone—no matter where they are. And they can keep editing presentations and documents even when there's no Wifi or data connection.

5. Keep your data protected and private

From a single, centralized console, you can track files, manage sharing, add users, and view audit and reporting dashboards. Encryption keeps your data safe and under your control.

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