In advertising, some things never change. Coming up with great ideas is still an endless pursuit and finding the best way to put those ideas into practice is still the ultimate challenge. But in today’s world, creativity isn’t a competition. Instead, modern collaboration tools have made inspiration a team effort.

Turning creativity into innovation

Top agencies are known for their brilliant ideas, but what really sets them apart is their ability to bring those ideas to life. In the words of Theodore Levitt, former economist and professor at Harvard Business School, "Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

Until a few years ago, even the most creative person at the most innovative advertising agency wouldn’t have imagined the collaborative opportunities that have become possible thanks to the cloud. But today, professionals in every sector—including advertising—work together in real time from around the world as easily as if they’re working face to face.

Collaboration without limits

In the past, trying to work with clients, employees and partners in different places presented a huge challenge. But today, agencies are using G Suite to turn dispersed teams into one of their greatest strengths. Because collaboration is no longer limited by location, these agencies easily work with the best people for the job, no matter where they are.

We collaborate with external writers as if we were working in the same place.


Blue-Zoo, a respected animation studio in London, migrated to G Suite in order to optimize its work processes and create stronger relationships between its employees and remote collaborators. Team members use Google Docs to write TV scripts together in the same document at the same time even though the contributors are in different places. Project stakeholders can also come together at a moment’s notice to exchange ideas and opinions in live video Google Hangouts. Used together, G Suite help Blue-Zoo deliver projects quickly and grow the company without losing the freedom and creativity that drives their success.

I monitor my business over the phone. With G Suite, I have access to everything from my mobile.

—Gabriel Brahim, Partner, Los Diseñadores

Los Diseñadores is an Argentinian agency that specializes in communication, graphic identity and websites. Management made the switch to G Suite to improve teamwork and collaboration between their three branch offices. Now, employees can create and work on shared documents from anywhere on any device. And clients have benefitted, too. When the agency delivers a product, they also provide their client with a tutorial created in Google Docs. Because Docs is in Google Drive, it allows the agency to interact with the clients and answer their questions in real time. Thanks to G Suite, the Los Diseñadores staff is not only more productive, but also has a better relationship with their customers.

Los Diseñadores, an Argentinean communication creative agency

When an employee at Expresa, a Mexican marketing agency, lost their personal computer—including all the files for an important work project—it could have been a disaster. But because all the information was stored on Google Drive, the agency easily presented the project from another device. With G Suite, Expresa knows its work is always secure and accessible in one place. Better yet, by going Google the agency cut its security and IT costs by thousands of dollars in less than five months.

Connect your creative minds

Agencies like Blue-Zoo, Los Diseñadores and Expresa know that inspiration can come from anybody at any time. And they know the best way to transform a brilliant idea into a true innovation is to share it immediately and work on it together. That’s why they connect their most creative minds with modern tools that let them sync, share and collaborate in real time from anywhere on any device.

Want to help your creative team achieve the unexpected? Let them experience G Suite.

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