With over over  two million paying organizations actively using G Suite, cloud collaboration is becoming mainstream, but you might be surprised at how powerful and versatile it is. Check out these short videos to see how you can use G Suite to do these 5 things everyday.

1. Engage the community in your company

Want to tap into all the insight and expertise in every corner of your company? You can’t do it quickly or efficiently with memos and emails. But create a private social network using Google+ and you suddenly have an easy way for employees to post updates, share ideas and connect on any project. You can even create polls and view the feedback in real time.

2. Provide outstanding customer service

Wouldn’t it be great if all your store associates had the answers to any customer question in the palm of their hands? With G Suite that’s possible. Because all your information is stored in the cloud, employees can access it instantly using almost any device.  And because Google Drive has unlimited storage capability, they only need to go to one place to watch training videos, view display photos and share or edit important files.

3. Create and manage digital brand assets

Need to get your digital brand assets built right and out the door fast? G Suite makes it quick and easy to collaborate with your agency and coworkers every step of the way. Create your briefs in shared Google Docs so team members can comment and make edits in real time. Design mood boards in Google Slides. Meet face-to-face using Google Hangouts. And take advantage of your unlimited storage in Google Drive to share all your files.

4. Stay connected in the field

Is your “office” usually just your mobile phone or tablet? Not a problem when you have G Suite. All your work is in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. And G Suite is mobile friendly, so you can edit, format, research, share and present content from your tablet or phone without missing a beat.

5. Collaborate with coworkers from anywhere

Do you feel like “on the road” means you’re on your own? Not the case with G Suite. You can connect with your colleagues and support team using Hangouts and show them exactly what you’re working on. You have up-to-date company documentation at your fingertips in Google Drive. And everyone shares information in real time, which means you can work better together no matter where you are.

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