Ambush Security is a local family-owned business based in Queensland, Australia that has provided electronic security systems to homes and businesses for over 25 years. With a 100-strong team, many of which are out in the field, it’s important for us to stay connected, wherever we are.

We needed a simple solution to help us manage the 250+ personal devices used across our team, one that offered easy access to work data from any device and ensured the security of that data. As a company that embraces new technology, the decision to go Google was simple. Security is what we do, and that’s exactly what G Suite offered us: a tool that would help us remain trustworthy.

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We didn’t realize how much of an impact moving to G Suite could really make until we considered all of the recent benefits:

  • Mobility: When data can be accessed anywhere and at any time, we find that the team feels more empowered. They have the flexibility of choosing to pack their bags and leave the office early, have dinner with the family and complete their work from home.

  • Cost savings: We save $75,000 AUD ($60,000 USD) per year by reducing our hardware equipment purchases. Now all of our employees are free to use their personal devices for work.

  • Time savings: G Suite has enhanced our work productivity and allowed each employee to save an additional 1–2 hours per week, because all of the information they need is right at their fingertips on Google Drive.

  • Secure data: With easy-access to network permissions, our IT Managers can manage the devices and data securely, whatever devices our team choosesespecially important if a device is accidentally lost or stolen.

  • Productivity savings: Our sales team can now easily offer client quotes on site without having to head back to the office. All the information they need is available on Google Drive.

Since introducing G Suite to our business, our team is happier and more productive and our business data is secure. Now, we can continue protecting homes, businesses and families across Queensland knowing that every aspect of our business is in safe hands.

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    Graham Russell, Founder and Managing Director, Ambush Security

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