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  • How much does the Hangouts Meet hardware kit cost? What are the specs?

    The Hangouts Meet hardware kit is available for £2190. The kit includes an ASUS Chromebox, a camera, a controller and a speaker mic. For full details about the kit and its components, see the spec sheet.

  • Is it possible to use other peripherals?

    The Hangouts Meet hardware kit comes with a set of peripheral components (including camera and speakermic) designed to deliver the best experience possible. If you would like to use other peripherals, please check our Peripheral Qualification Programme for more details.

  • How does Hangouts Meet hardware work with Jamboard?

    Jamboard makes collaborative creativity a possibility even when teams are spread out all over the world. With just a couple of taps, cast your Jam to a Hangout so all participants can see ideas come to life, and even join in using the Jamboard app.

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