Customer Story

OLX Group

"I can’t imagine my life without Docs and Slides and Sheets. Having a single document where managers in every country can input content at the same time is great. It’s the ultimate collaboration and I think it’s something that only Google can do for you."

Ana Garcia, Global Head of Communications, OLX Group

By focusing on win-win outcomes for buyers, sellers and the communities in which it operates, the OLX Group has become a leading online trading platform with 17 brands, 4,000 employees across the world and 300 million monthly users. With South African media giant Naspers as a primary investor and a global presence, the OLX Group has the security and resources of a multinational but always strives to keep the vitality and energy of a startup. When the company wanted to improve communication and collaboration between teams around the world without imposing a top down solution, it used G Suite.

“We needed to connect everybody and have a product that we could scale to the whole world. Our leadership and culture embrace change, so there’s always an open door to test new technologies that will help us improve and move fast. Google is, I think, a perfect example of that,” says Ana Garcia, Global Head of Communications at OLX Group.

Fostering collaboration with G Suite: operating across dozens of countries, OLX Group has a truly global presence. At the same time, the company works hard to serve each community according to its specific needs. “Our official headquarters is in the Netherlands but we try to be as decentralized as possible,” says Garcia. The Group wanted to help its leadership team communicate its goals effectively and keep its local teams empowered. The company looked for a solution to address its communication needs and improve collaboration in a simple, easy to use way that could be rapidly deployed across its workforce.

The Group turned to G Suite, teaming up with Google Partner NextNovate to ensure a smooth delivery and help its staff through the transition. Keen to go beyond a typical G Suite rollout, NextNovate and OLX Group developed an internal social hub based on G Plus, which allowed teams across the world to chat, transfer files, share content and connect with each other with a speed they never had before. OLX Group and NextNovate also came up with an innovative way of broadcasting leadership Google Hangouts Meet on YouTube to the wider community across the world, who could ask questions and interact with the meeting via Google Forms. Meanwhile, with the full range of G Suite products like Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Hangouts Meet, OLX Group was able to solve many problems with a single, integrated platform.

Global communication, local empowerment: G Suite helped OLX Group bring its workforce closer than ever before. The platform’s ease of use and NextNovate’s comprehensive change management program meant that the Group employees adopted G Suite quickly. “90% of our employees who are on G Suite are connected to our Global Social Media - the Google+ Communities. The engagement there keeps growing every month,” says Garcia. The live-streamed Hangouts and social hub saw user engagement jump with each broadcast, while the feedback via Google Forms helped employees shape future meetings. “In some ways, having G Suite and this platform feels like we’re speaking face to face. Teams feel so much more part of the global community,” says Garcia. “You kill the middle man. People can share ideas and solutions without going through headquarters. They just do it themselves.”